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Michael Müller

  • 1996 Dr. rer. nat. (Biology) University of Düsseldorf

  • 1996-1997 Postdoc (Laboratory of W. R. Schlue, Düsseldorf)

  • 1997-1999 Postdoc (Laboratory of G.G. Somjen, Duke University, Durham, USA)

  • 2000-2001 Postdoc (Laboratory of K. Ballanyi, Göttingen)

  • 2001-2003 Postdoc (Laboratory of D.W. Richter/ S.L. Mironov, Göttingen)

  • 2004- Junior Professor of Molecular Neurophysiology and Group Leader

Major Research Interests:

Michael Müller

High resolution imaging and multiphoton microscopy, electrophysiological analysis of single-channel, whole-cell and cell population responses in acute brain tissue slices, mitochondrial function and dysfunction, signalling role of mitochondria and mitochondria/ion channel crosstalk, mechanisms of cerebral stroke and spreading depression, generation and signalling function of reactive oxygen species, intracellular/subcellular detection of reactive oxygen species, responses of central neurons and glial cells to metabolic disturbances, modulation of neuronal networks by redox changes.

Abt. Neuro- und Sinnesphysiologie
University of Goettingen
Humboldtallee 23
37073 Göttingen

phone: +49-551-39 2933/19603
fax: +49-551-39 9676

Further Information:
Dept. Research Group

Selected Recent Publications:

Foster KA, Galeffi F, Gerich FJ, Turner DA, Müller M (2006). Optical and pharmacological tools to investigate the role of mitochondria during oxidative stress and neurodegeneration. Prog Neurobiol 79: 136-171

Müller M, Mironov SL, Ivannikov M, Schmidt J, Richter DW (2005). Mitochondrial organization and motility probed by two-photon microscopy in cultured mouse brainstem neurons. Exp Cell Res 303: 114-127

Müller M, Schmidt J, Mironov SL, Richter DW (2003). Construction and performance of a custom-built two-photon laser scanning system. J Phys D Appl Phys 36: 1747-1757

Müller M, Brockhaus J, Ballanyi K (2002). ATP-independent anoxic activation of ATP-sensitive K+ channels in dorsal vagal neurons of juvenile mice in situ. Neuroscience 109: 313-328

Müller M, Somjen GG (2000). Na+ and K+ concentration, extra- and intracellular voltages, and the effect of TTX in hipoxic rat hippocampal slices. J Neurophysiol 83: 735-745